4 Reasons Why I Meditate

I’ve used this meditation for the past 2 (and something) decades. It’s my safe place, my happy place and where I turn when things get hard. Here are my 4 reasons why I meditate.

Reason 1: It calms me down.

I’ve always used a shortened version of the Clouds Dreaming meditation when under pressure or I feel my emotions out of control. It helps me calm myself down within as little as 30 seconds. I also work with an emotional anchor to support myself in those moments when I need to.

Reason 2: Structure in my day.

A good structure for the day makes me feel as thoughI am achieving. I feel like I am successful as I have set up myself and my mind to focus on what’s important. The ability to sit for five to twenty minutes each day and decide on the day helps quieten my mind for the rest of what comes. I don’t put a restriction or expectation on what it looks like – if it’s 30 seconds or an hour.

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing poorly.

Reason 3: Blocks the sieve. (Memory)

I have a memory like a sieve. There’s some science behind how we structure our meditations, we’ll leave that for another post. I use our techniques to settle my brain into a state that allows me to better process and retain information. It was that reason that I used a version of our meditations – a version learned from Sandy McGregor at CALM – to assist my studies in high school and university.

Reason 4: Practising happiness

Sometimes I don’t feel happy. I want to but circumstances and situations don’t allow that easy feeling. Meditation allows me to revisit those moments of happiness, to practice some resilience and keep going when times get tough. And recently for a lot of us, times have been super hard.

I hope you have gotten something out of my reasons. I find that meditation can be difficult, but for the above, it’s worth the practice.

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